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Issue with keywords in context and line numbered texts

Moderator: srueger

Issue with keywords in context and line numbered texts

15.02.2024, 22:05

Hi there,

I am having an issue with the 'keywords in context' feature when searching through line numbered (as opposed to paragraph numbered) textual data. As shown in the image below, the 'keywords in context' does not correctly recognize line breaks as word separators, but it does consider time stamps (aka paragraph breaks) as word separators. I believe this is unintended behavior, and the only fix I have found so far is to manually type a space at the end of every line, but this is incredibly time consuming as I have over 500 text documents.

Does anybody have any suggestions or fixes?


All best,


Version: MAXQDA 24
System: macOS 14.x (Sonoma)
Posts: 1
Joined: 15.01.2024, 15:19

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