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Sentiment analysis not autocoding

09.10.2023, 05:51

Hi there, I am trying to autocode with sentiments a large survey (1400+ respondents). MaxQDA keeps on freezing once the progress bar is almost completely green. Is there a bug in version 2022.8 around this as I have done it in the previous version (2022.6) no problem. Or is there anything different I could try to get this to work please?

Actually now trying other things in the survey analysis window and it is very slow (saying it will take 3 hours to for a text search) and close to crashing for different commands

Thanks, Katy

Version: MAXQDA 2022
System: Windows 11
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Re: Sentiment analysis not autocoding

13.10.2023, 11:56

Hi Katy,

so far we are no aware of any issues with the senitment analysis. You could try to setup a new data base structure like this:

1) Create a new project file and save it on your local hard drive (e.g. your desktop)
2) Go to the "Home"-tab, and select "Merge projects" (all the way to the right)
3) Select your existing project file and merge them

This will reinitialize the database structure of your project file and should get rid of any data base errors.

I hope this helps! In case of any remaining questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA support team,

Wolfgang Meyer
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Joined: 21.08.2023, 08:33

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