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How to Search for Duplicate Documents?

06.09.2023, 05:36

I imported 385 obituaries for a research project. I have found that some of them are duplicates. Is there a shortcut to identifying which documents have been duplicated?

Version: MAXQDA 2022
System: Mac OS X 12.x (Monterey)
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Re: How to Search for Duplicate Documents?

08.09.2023, 10:58

Dear Shawn,

Thank you very much for your question!

Unfortunately, there is no specific function for identifying duplicates. You could try to sort the documents in the document system alphabetically and see if two names appear together. Also, if you have any automatic coded segments (e.g. from a Survey Import) you could sort the segments in the overview of coded segments by "Area" (number of characters). If the area is identical, it is a strong indication that this could be a duplicate.

I hope this helps!

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA support team,

Wolfgang Meyer
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