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Coding through highlighting not working

30.06.2023, 19:22

I was reviewing a textbook pdf, and I could not highlight a few sections of the text. I could highlight and assign a code to portions of text above and below these specific segments, but within this region, only a text box would appear, and I could assign a code to that. Has anyone experienced this before and is aware of a workaround?

Thank you!

Version: MAXQDA 2022
System: Windows 11
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Re: Coding through highlighting not working

10.07.2023, 13:01


Thank you for this question! Whether or not text can be selected in a PDF depends on the text layer of the PDF file. For scanned documents the PDF often requires an optical character recognition (OCR) that automatically recognizes the text. Here, problems can occur and the text is thus not properly recognized.

MAXQDA relies on the text layer of the PDF for coding text. You can just try to select the text outside of MAXQDA, for example in a PDF viewer. If this is also not possible, it is an issue with the PDF file itself.

I hope this helps! Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA support team,

Andreas M.
Andreas M.
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