I can't see the preview of my codes

09.03.2023, 18:08

To whom it may concern,

I am using Maxqda to analyse a big data set. During my test analysis, I finished coding a 2555 paged document and after which I can't see my document and code preview.

Your support on this problem is highly appreciated

Version: MAXQDA 2022
System: Mac OS X 12.x (Monterey)
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Re: I can't see the preview of my codes

14.03.2023, 09:27


Thank you for your post! Your document should be displayed in the Document Browser once you double-click on the document name in the "Document System" window. If you do so and the Document Browser stays empty, please check if the document in question is stored externally. Very large files, such as large PDF files, audio and video files are stored externally in order to prevent the project file from increasing its file size rapidly. You can check if the file is stored externally by right-clicking on the entry in the Document System and selecting "Properties". The entry "Original path" shows you, where the file is stored. Please make sure that the file is stored in the correct location and that the file name has not been altered, in order for MAXQDA to find the file. In the preferences of MAXQDA you can also check the location for external files under "General" > "Folder for external files".

If the coding stripes to the left of your document in the Document Browser are not displayed, right-click on the grey area on the left side of the Document Browser and make sure that all code colors are selected in the context menu. Codes will not be displayed there if the assigned code colors are not selected in the context menu.

We hope this helps!

All the best from the MAXQDA team,
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