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comments/paraphrase for segments with multiple codes

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comments/paraphrase for segments with multiple codes

05.08.2021, 10:35

I wonder if anyone can help with this dilemma: I'm totally split on when/how to use code-comments versus paraphrases. Code comments seems to have more utility when it comes to the analysis process (e.g. their appearance in the summary grid), however if you have a segment that has multiple codes (a very* common occurrence for me) your comment can only appear in one code, even it applies to all of them. On the other hand, the paraphrase tool allows you to paraphrase segments with multiple codes, but it can't be used easily with other analytic tools, such as the summary grid process. So what I'm asking is this:

1. Is there a way to have your comments apply to multiple codes? (w/o having to cut and paste multiple times)
2. If not, Is there a way to include paraphrases in other analysis tools such as the summary grid?
3. If neither, should I be using memos instead of either?

Would love to hear from folks about their suggestions/workflows.

Ngā mihi nui,

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Re: comments/paraphrase for segments with multiple codes

06.08.2021, 08:09

Hi Ben,

Thank you for posting here!

Yes, you're right. A comment is designed to create a short "note" for each of your coded segments. This comment is only displayed in connection with exactly this coded segment, even if the same text passage was coded with several other codes. If you want to write an analytical "note" for a text passage (regardless of what codes it was coded with), it is better to use an In-Document Memo. As you may know, memos of all types are easily engaged with many further analytical tools in MAXQDA. Please check here to learn more about the memo feature:

Regarding the paraphrases, I believe this is rather a methodical question. Paraphrases were originally intended to summarize the main content of a text and are usually used as a pre-step to coding within the framework of qualitative content analysis. Since it is regarded as a "summarizing-before-coding" tool by itself, it is not included in the Summary Functions of MAXQDA.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,

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Re: comments/paraphrase for segments with multiple codes

21.12.2023, 14:27

A couple of things to add here.

Perhaps there's a better way of doing this (please let me know if there is), but I for one would find it really helpful to be able to add codes to text in the Summary Grid. I'm working with a methodology in which the summary is the culmination of multiple processes of analysis and reduction. The summary forms the main unit of analysis (as opposed to the interview itself), and the Summary Grid is an invaluable way of keeping track of progress (see screenshot). However I currently have to go back to the original text, find the text and add a code, rather than simply typing in a quick note and coding it.

Following on from this, does anyone know of a way of transposing the grid? I will end up with 5 rows and 72 columns - 72 rows and 5 columns would be a lot easier...?


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Re: comments/paraphrase for segments with multiple codes

02.01.2024, 13:22

Hello Mark,

Thank you for sharing your insights and workflow regarding summary grid. It is very interesting to see how you make use of the summary grid. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to code text within a summary. For this, you would need to add a new document that contains your summary text. So for now it seems the best way to add the code to the original document.

Also, I have forwarded your idea to transpose the summary grid as feedback for the development team.

I hope that helps,

Wolfgang Meyer
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