16.12.2020, 15:15

Hi and thank you for answering. I have 900+ pdfs I have coded as part of a review of the literature. In the @old days@ I would have also been entering these in bibliographic software in order to capture the metadata needed for citations. Is there a way to do this in MAXQDA?

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Re: metadata?

18.12.2020, 14:37


Could you please specify your question? Do you mean if you can import bibliographic data with the attached PDFs into MAXQDA (which is surely possible)? Or do you mean assigning variables to PDFs? Sorry for asking, but people use technical terms in different ways when describing the issue. Thank you for the clarification!


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Re: metadata?

23.12.2020, 17:36

Hi and thanks for replying - more the first option - I have the pdfs in the project - and can, pull the bibliographic data when needed from looking at the pdf. I'd like it to be easier than that - for instance does maxqda work with the metadata codes as would bibliographic software - OR??? maybe other options.

Thanks again for your reply,
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Re: metadata?

15.01.2021, 11:43

Dear Alana,

MAXQDA can help you to analyse the PDFs of your literature and also import data from a bibliographic software. However, MAXQDA is made for analysing data and is not a bibliographic software itself. Therefore, it is not built for creating bibliographies or detailed reference data for you thesis. In such cases, we would recommend to use MAXQDA in combination with bibliographic software.

I hope this helps with your question!
Best wishes on behalf of the MAXQDA Team,

Andreas M.
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