Export Coded Segments freezes/cancels

03.11.2020, 12:02

the problem: My segments-window takes very long its retrieval of coded segments (30 minutes and more) AND freezes and/or starts-over again and again when trying to export through the export function.

the setup: Maxqda Analytics Pro 20.2.2 on MacOS 10.15.7. I have a large dataset with text and non-ocred pictures of old text with thousands of coded segments and up to a hundred documents. I would like to export segments as rows and different document and code variables as columns in a table for further statistical analysis in R. It seems I am forced to retrieve the segment list in the coded segment window first (where it takes long) and then to export (where it starts over sometimes or is so slow it looks like freezing)

What can't be done:
I am stuck with scans, because the text can't be retrieved from the scans as it is old Fraktur letters.

Known possible workarounds:
I could export via
, but I would have to recode continuous variables to 0/1-dummies later by hand. Document variables would be missing as well.

Every idea is helpful. Let me finish by saying that I suggest that MaxQDA should put all the export functions in one dropdown menu just as you have done it for import functions. // edit: its somewhat hidden under "reports". Are these all export functions, i wonder?

Version: MAXQDA 2020
System: Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina)
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Re: Export Coded Segments freezes/cancels

03.11.2020, 12:50

Using the Reports menu instead of going the way of the coded segments windows does the trick.
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Re: Export Coded Segments freezes/cancels

04.11.2020, 16:04


I would also suggest trying out diverse report functions (under the Report Tab). Maybe, you'll find there an appropriate export option.

Concerning the poor performance (freezing and loading for a long time), this could be caused by the large project size. Did you consider storing big-sized documents (PDF, video, audio, or pictures) as external documents? This has a positive impact on software performance and accelerates retrievals and exports. More about external files you can read here: https://www.maxqda.com/help-mx20/import/external-files

In addition, poor performance can also be caused by opening project files directly from external sources like a USB stick, external hard drive, or cloud. Since MAXQDA is a database program, all changes get saved automatically. If, however, the connection gets interrupted, this can lead to errors in the database structure. This is why we strongly recommend opening the project file from a local hard drive. For more information about "Projects and backups" please refer to our FAQs: https://www.maxqda.com/faq/project-data-storage

I hope this helps!

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