numbers in table don't add up

27.03.2019, 11:53


I often use subcode statistics. Now I create tables for each respondent group separately, and all groups together. But then the numbers in the tables don't match, and I can't explain why.

I try to explain what I mean:

First, I create this overview (Theme: Relations, all groups together):

Number of documents is the same as number of respondents. Each document refers to one person.
So I see in this table that 40 persons said 'partnerrelatie,....' and 7 persons said 'relaties NOS'.

Then I do the same, but only for one group of respondents (ASS):

For the second group of respondents (ouders):

And for the third group of respondents (wettelijk vertegenwoordigers):

I only look at the column 'documents'.

If I put the results of the 3 groups in a table, I get this:

As you can see in red, these numbers are not the same as in the first picture (overview).

I can not explain the difference.

What is happening here?

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Re: numbers in table don't add up

03.04.2019, 16:59

Hi Loekarin,

I think you slipped in a row (in your third or fourth screenshot): your code frequencies for "partnerrelatie" are 37, 2, 1, not 37, 2, 2 like in your table.

Kind regards

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