Document portrait

25.03.2019, 12:41


Is it possible to create one document portrait for several files?
By activating these files, for example.
The aim is to visually show all themes (they are the same for each document) in all files in one picture.

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Re: Document portrait

31.03.2019, 17:26

No, it's my understanding that a Portrait Document can only be created for one document at a time. Sincerely, Aine Humble
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Re: Document portrait

03.04.2019, 17:08

Thank you very much Fada for your engagement! Fortuntaley however, it's not entirely true: If you go through the menu, you'll only be able to produce one document portrait at a time. But when you right-click on a document and select "Document Portrait" from there, you can open as many of them as you like and place them alongside each other on your computer monitors. Of course, if we're talking about publication, you could also export them to the "png"-format and then open them with "Paint" or "Paintbrush" and make a collocation there.

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA support team,

Andreas Veltens
MAXQDA Support Team
Andreas V.
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Re: Document portrait

01.06.2019, 14:33

Dear Andreas Veltens,

thank you for your reply

At the beginning it did not work, but I understand why. I was trying to right-click when my files documents were in a set and options are limited there. To perform this, you should be in Documents.
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Re: Document portrait

01.06.2019, 14:37

I was realised by trying that we can show activated( chosen ) codes in this Document Portrait, which is what I was looking for.
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