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28.09.2018, 05:55

I began a document by typing and coding some notes, and failed to rename the document, so it is called "Document (4)". Then next time I opened MAXQDA 12 (on USB, running on Win10 machine), the document was open in the Document Browser, but was not listed in the Document System. I exported a copy to avoid losing it and my coding. Since then, I have been able to find "Document (4)" by double-clicking a code I know is in the file, which creates an "overview of coded segments". By clicking the segment in "Document (4) in the overview, I can bring up the hidden "Document (4)", but it does not appear in the Document system. In the overview, "Document (4)" is listed as the file name, but the field "Document group" is blank. I've searched the Document System but cannot find "Document (4)". Any idea where it is? What can I do to get the file to appear?

I should add that the USB version of MAXQDA often hangs if my computer goes to sleep while the program is open; it either crashes, or I cannot save coding and have to restart it. I suspect that has caused this anomaly.

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Re: Hidden document

08.10.2018, 10:15

Dear JBAnthro,

sorry for the late reply! Yes, probably, this has to do with the project file not being saved locally; let me get my favorite text module:

One common cause for all kinds of issues results from not opening the project file from a local hard drive, but from a network ressource, USB-stick, external hard drive, or from a folder that's being kept synchronized with a cloud service. Since MAXQDA is a database program, all changes get saved automatically. If however the connection gets interrupted, this can lead to errors in the database structure. This is why we strongly recommend to always open the project file from a local hard drive. (You can save it anywhere you want of course, this is just about opening.)

I will send you an upload link for your project file shortly; then, our expert for databases can have a look at your project file and try to make your "hidden document" visible again.

Kind regards,

MAXQDA Support Team
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