Convert document to quasi-transcript?

30.08.2018, 22:50

Is there an elegant way to split an existing document into different speakers?

I have a large Word document that consists of the notes from a number of semi-structured interviews. The fact that it is only one document restricts the degree to which I can show if there is variation or commonality between different participants, or for example, that a frequent phrase was widespread or just one person saying it often, etc.

I could perhaps copy and paste each interview session into its own document, but since I have already been coding for a while, I would prefer not to lose that linkage between text and coding. An ideal might be to treat this as a nominal focus group and mark each section according to which participant is was.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Convert document to quasi-transcript?

03.09.2018, 13:04

Hmm.. maybe the "Complex Code Configurations"-tool (tab "Analysis") could be of help here? Say you create one parent code "Participants" and subcodes for each one of them, and then code the document respectively. And then another parent code "sentences of interests" with respective subcodes. Then this tool would show you the frequency with which each participant used those sentences. That way, you don't have to create a new document etc.

But you could also split up the document reasonably fast without loosing the coded segments attached. To do this,

1) Go to the coded document, press CTRL+A, and drag and drop the selection into the "document system" (as often as you want to split the document)
2) Export the coded segments from the original document (rightclick, Teamwork > Teamwork Export)
3) Import it for every new document (rightclick, Teamwork > Teamwork Import)
4) Now you can delete different passages using the EDIT mode
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Re: Convert document to quasi-transcript?

04.09.2018, 22:42

Cool, thanks Andreas
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