MAXQDA 2018.1 is here – with great new features!

29.08.2018, 12:20

MAXQDA 2018.1 is here! It's been a hot summer in Germany and our team has been hard at work to surprise you with a free update for MAXQDA 2018. It comes packed with five completely new features, including new visualizations, import options for YouTube, new export options for media files, and many more optimizations to enhance your workflow in MAXQDA.

Top 5 New Features in MAXQDA 2018.1

­Word Clouds 2.0
Modern illustrations for word frequencies

New layouts, color schemes, and endless possibilities to adapt your cloud - not just to suit your presentation style, but to offer you deeper insights into your data.

YouTube: import video transcripts & comments
New social media analysis tools

Import the comments posted under videos and the video subtitles YouTube provides, including their timestamps to automatically link transcripts to videos.

Code Cloud: illustrate & explore your categories
A new code system visualization tool

Visualize the most frequently assigned codes. This tool offers quick and powerful insights into your code distribution.

Recode your retrieved results
Even more coding flexibility

Recode your data directly from the "Retrieved Segments" window. This feature works as intuitively as you would expect - simply drag & drop.

Export audio & video extracts
Present the results of your media analysis

Save coded video or audio segments as individual video or audio clips. Perfect for creating a show-reel for your presentations or to split long media files into shorter clips for detailed analyses.

Visit our website to see all the new features included in the free MAXQDA 2018.1 update:

Or watch the release-video here:

Version: MAXQDA 2018
System: Windows 10
MAXQDA Support Team
Andreas V.
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Re: MAXQDA 2018.1 is here – with great new features!

29.08.2018, 13:49

Excellent - some very useful features here (notably the ability to select multiple documents or codes; and aggregating frequencies). Well done and thanks to all!
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Re: MAXQDA 2018.1 is here – with great new features!

04.09.2018, 22:39

Really nice features, thanks!
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Re: MAXQDA 2018.1 is here – with great new features!

22.10.2018, 15:01

I'm running release 2018.1.0. Each time I open MAXQDA (since 10/16) I receive a message that release 2018.1.1 is available for download and installation. When I select the button to download, it takes quite a while to download the large file. Then a message appears asking me if I want to install it. When I select the button for installation, MAXQDA simply shuts down and nothing further happens. When I open MAXQDA again, the original message appears to download the update file all over again. I can't locate the update file in my Downloads folder or in the MAXQDA folders, so I can't bypass the download stage nor can I try to run the installation file directly. The same thing has happened on both my desktop and laptop installations. The desktop has Windows 7, the laptop has Windows 10. Please advise! Thank you.
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