Recovering a document

22.08.2018, 12:49


I really do not know how I could do it - and do not remember doing it - but one of the documents I have coded disappeared from the documents set. I suppose it has been mistakenly deleted.

I have made progress with the code system and created some maps since the last backup. The lost document was not altered for a long time, though.

Is there a manner to add again this missing document from a backup version without having to redo all the changes in the code system and creating the maps again?

Some thoughts:

a) If I add the document manually in the current project file, I will have to code it again - it is a bad solution.

b) If I open a backup file, I should replace the code system to the one of the current project file. But the option of merging files ( does not allow it, does it?

Any idea what to do, please?

Many thanks


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Re: Recovering a document

22.08.2018, 15:27


sure, I'll try my best. In any case with all of the recommondations, please back up all of your projects again, so that we don't mess anything up (or rather if we do, you don't have to spend time cleaning up again). :-)

but one of the documents I have coded disappeared from the documents set. I suppose it has been mistakenly deleted.

Has it only been deleted from a document set or from the whole document system/project? If you know anything about it (e.g. name or date), you can use the "Data editor for document variables" (tab "Variables") to find it (right-click on a column header to find the search option).

Otherwise, there are basically two options to transfer a document with its coded segments (and the respective codes) to another document. Here is number one:

1) Activate the document in the backup-project, go to "Home > Create project from activated documents"
2) In the project where the document has vanished, select "Merge Projects" (also in Home tab)

Number two:

Right-click on the document in the backup-project and select "Teamwork Export" (and save the file), then right-click on the document (which you must import again normally) in your current project file and select "Teamwork Import" (and open the file from the step before).

Now the main problem is that you have changed your code system, so that the codes from your backup project might be in a different position in their respective code system (have different parent- or subcodes). I can't really think of a way to let MAXQDA do this automatically, e.g. recognize where the codes of your old document have moved in the meantime... hm and I can't really think of a workaround here, sorry. I believe you'll might have to recode the parts that were changed in the meantime again with your new code system.

Hope this helped anyways!
Kind regards,

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