Adding extra comment columns for each coded segment

16.08.2018, 09:37

HI there

I tried adding an extra comment field to each coded segment via code variables and document variables but I have been unsuccessful. For each segment, I want to be able to be able to make additional and separate comments e.g. formulate a quote that I can use for later text production. My idea was to view all segments coded with a given code in the coded segments overview and then add my comments to each coded segments as I would in the regular comments field.
Is this possible?

Kind Regards

Version: MAXQDA 2018
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Re: Adding extra comment columns for each coded segment

20.08.2018, 08:20

Hi Peter,

thanks for your question! But I'm afraid the answer is no, there is no possibility to add an additional comment column in the "Coded Segements"-overview. We thought about summaries or paraphrases, but it seems unlikely that this would help you out, right...?

Kind regards,

MAXQDA Support Team
Andreas V.
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