empty word frequency table

17.05.2018, 12:57

I wanted to see if anyone had had the following problem with Maxqda 12. When I try to get a word frequency either from the word cloud or from MaxDictio I get an empty table. It shows a number of words but the table is empty

Thanks in advance


Version: MAXQDA 2018
System: Windows 10
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Re: empty word frequency table

22.05.2018, 13:14

Hello Daniella,

not to my knowledge, maybe there is some setting responsible for this? What do you mean with "the table is empty" when it "shows a number of words"? Does it show only words but without their frequency? Have you tried this function with the example project file? Are you using PDFs? Could you share a screenshot of this result window and your MAXQDA project?

Kind regards,

MAXQDA Support Team
Andreas V.
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