Use of Code Variables

09.02.2018, 19:14

I'm trying to figure out the use case for code variables. I'm afraid I don't quite understand what they're good for and when I might want to use them. THere is plenty of instruction on how to deploy them, but I haven't seen much on when they are best used.



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Re: Use of Code Variables

13.02.2018, 17:40

Dear Eric,

thank you for this very interesting question, and welcome to the MAXQDA forum!

Indeed, code variables are used far less often then document variables, but they can be quite useful nonetheless. In short, they allow you to further classify and manage your code system with an additional taxonomy by using the "Activate by Code Variables"-feature (right-click on the root-code "Code System" in the "Code System" window to select this feature), possibly in combination with creating code-sets. While most research projects probably don't really need this additional level, it could still prove useful. Here are some possible use cases:

- You could use them to differentiate between codes of different stages of your research
- You could use them to differentiate between the different sources of your codes, with which I mean how they came into being (derived a prioi from theory, created inductively, as in-vivo-codes etc.)
- You could use them to link actors (could be individuals, groups or anything else that has agency being attributed to it) to codes
- ...

Right now I can't think of much more. Maybe someone else has other ideas or actual practices concerning the use of code variables?
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