Upper Limit for project file size?

14.05.2019, 16:53

I have a project that is now at 66MB, and am wondering what the practical upper limit is.
My file system setting for max file size is 100MB, and can be increased, but I am unsure if at some point MAXQDA might have problems with large file size.

Any experience that anyone can share on file size limit?

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Re: Upper Limit for project file size?

16.05.2019, 16:01

Hi Matthew,

that's a good question – I believe we haven't really reached this limit yet, or rather: with the few project files I saw that were larger then a few gigabytes, the issue wasn't the file size but the imported data (especially huge PDF files with hundreds or thousands of pages scanned as an image tend to create problems – but with pretty much all software).

The largest I've seen was around ~ 5GB, so that's definitely possible. However, I would always recommend (especially with larger research projects) to keep the project file smaller then 100MB; that makes it easier to make backups of the project files because one doesn't duplicate the actual data (PDFs, images) over and over again with each copy of the project file. Instead, one can then just duplicate the Externals-folder once or twice.

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA support team,

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