RIS data imports

17.11.2013, 13:45

I'm using Zotero as my bibliographic software. Importing RIS data into MaxQDA works fine. Is there a way to import an associated PDF file at the same time? Zotero has the option to include files in the export and creates a directory for the PDF. My goal is to 'link' the pre-coded data with the PDF, if that is possible. Thank you for any suggestions.

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Re: RIS data imports

18.11.2013, 09:21


the RIS data format contains fields called "L1", "L2" ... for links to external files, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RIS_(file_format).

If zotero can export the link to your PDFs in L1 or L2 inside the RIS files MAXQDA should create a link inside the imported text document to the PDF. An import of the attached PDFs is not supported. (We have this on our wish list for program imporovements).

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Re: RIS data imports

10.11.2017, 16:30

Any update on that?

I want to do a literature review and think about switching from Atlas.ti, but manually adding all the PDFs is not worth it.
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