MAXQDA Student/Semester License

License Agreement

The student license is a drastically discounted special license for students. It may be purchased by students and Ph. D. candidates under the following conditions.

§1 Personal License

Student licenses are personal licenses, which can only be purchased by students or Ph. D. candidates who verify their student status during the order process. Student licenses may only be used by the purchaser and may never be sold to a non-student or in some way be shared with them. The purchase is limited to one license per person.

§2 Recipient of the Invoice

Recipient of the invoice and the delivery must be the student with their private address. The purchasing of student licenses by institutions is not permitted.

§3 Use only on private Computer

The license offers full functionality and may be installed on private computers only. The semester license (6 months) can be installed on one computer. The student license (available as 1- or 2-year license) can be installed on two computers. Both licenses can be transferred to new computers anytime by using the regular license transfer.

§4 Use only for private purpose

The use is limited to private purpose (i.e. schoolwork, preparations for qualification, etc.). The use for professional activities and commercial purpose is prohibited.

§5 No Upgrade Eligibility

Student licenses cannot be upgraded to new versions. If a new version of MAXQDA is published, it is not possible to upgrade student licenses with a price reduction. If the student status is still current, students can purchase a new student licenses for the new version.

§6 Validity

Student licenses are valid for 6, 12 or 24 months starting on the date of purchase. All licenses can be extended by purchasing another student license (6, 12 or 24 months).

MAXQDA Studentenlizenz