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Company Targetware Informatica ltda Latinoamérica
Company profile

We are a Latin American software reseller with 8 years of experience. Besides Colombia, we also have offices in Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil and we attend all Latin America.

We have people specializing in serving corporate, educational and government customers. Today, we have over 3,000 partners who develop software for many different areas such as Engineering (CAD), security (anti-virus), Programming, Statistics, etc.

The largest Brazilian companies have already bought with us at least one time.

Our mission is to serve all types of customers, offering every type of software they need in a unique shopping experience.
Our main marketing tool is our websites (Brazil); (México); (Argentina) and (Colombia). Through these domains we reach an average of 300,000 visits per month. We also promote our partner’s products through email marketing, Google Adwords, work-shops and events.

Country Argentina, Colombia, Mexico
Address Av. Francisco Matarazzo 404
05001000 São Paulo
Phone (+52 55) 55 80 78 68 / (+52 55) 55 80 78 69

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