You get the free upgrade if you are currently using one of the following MAXQDA licenses:

Perpetual License

  • Was purchased May 24th, 2021 or later
  • Purchased before May 24th?
    Regular MAXQDA 2018 and 2020 licenses can be upgraded at a 50% discount.
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Student License

  • Currently valid student license with duration time remaining
  • Please note:
    The duration of your license’s validity will remain the same if you choose to upgrade.
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Subscription License

  • Currently in an active subscription cycle
  • Good news! You do not need to do anything – we will automatically send you a free MAXQDA 2022 upgrade.
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Enter your MAXQDA 2020 serial number purchased May 24th, 2021 or later below and we will send you an email with a free MAXQDA 2022 upgrade today. This offer is only available until January 31st, 2022.
Did you purchase your license before May 24h, 2021? Regular MAXQDA 2018 and MAXQDA 2020 licenses can be upgraded to the newest version of MAXQDA at a 50% reduced price!

Please note:

  • When you enter your serial number here, the free upgrade license we send you will replace your current license. Following a short grace period, your old license will be deactivated for further use and lose all service rights.
  • In case you are not the owner of this serial number, please also note that the license owner will also be notified of the upgrade.
  • Course licenses cannot be upgraded here. Teachers can contact our Customer Service Team to upgrade.


This special promotion has ended

We're sorry, it is no longer possible to apply for a free upgrade. There's still good news though! Regular MAXQDA 12 and MAXQDA 2018 licenses can be upgraded to the newest version of MAXQDA at a -50% reduced price!

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