SPSS Files (.sav) in MAXQDA 20.0.7 unavailable – Mac only

Due to a technical issue it is temporarily not possible to import, create or export files in the SPSS file format (.sav) on a Mac computer running MAXQDA Release 20.0.7 or higher. The issue is caused by a third-party-component that is currently not notarized by Apple. As soon as the third-party-component is updated and notarized by Apple, it will become available in MAXQDA again.

This issue applies to these functions:

  • Variables > Import Document Variables
  • Variables > Export Document Variables
  • Stats > Open/Start with External File
  • Stats > Open/Start with New External File
  • Stats > File > Save as…”


Please import and export the files in Excel format (.xlsx, .xls) instead. If you are unable to import or export the files in the Excel Format (.xlsx, .xls), please download and install MAXQDA 20.0.6 instead.

> Download MAXQDA 20.0.6 for Mac

> Download MAXQDA 20.0.6 for Mac (USB license)

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