SPSS Files (.sav) in MAXQDA 20.0.7 – 20.3.0 (Mac only)

Due to a technical issue it is not possible to import, create or export files in the SPSS file format (.sav) on a Mac computer running MAXQDA Release 20.0.7 to 20.3.0. The issue was caused by a third-party-component that was currently not notarized by Apple. As the third-party-component is now updated and notarized by Apple, it is available in MAXQDA 20.4.0 again.

This issue applies to these functions:

  • Variables > Import Document Variables
  • Variables > Export Document Variables
  • Stats > Open/Start with External File
  • Stats > Open/Start with New External File
  • Stats > File > Save as…”


Please update your MAXQDA installation to the most current version. To do so, please click on the “?”-symbol in the top right corner and select “Search for updates”.

When using a Release between 20.0.7 and 20.3.0, please import and export the files in Excel format (.xlsx, .xls) instead

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