Can I store my MAXQDA projects in cloud based services, like Dropbox?

MAXQDA is a database program and needs a stable and uninterrupted connection to the project file. While you are working with a project file MAXQDA is constantly reading and writing data directly into the database.

Opening projects from external resources

To avoid data loss and database corruption, we strongly recommend against opening MAXQDA projects directly from external resources like a network drive, USB flash drive, external hard drive or any cloud-synchronized folder.

An interruption of the connection between MAXQDA and the project files due to a weak network connection or a background synchronization process can lead to the corruption of your project database. If a cloud based synchronization service like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, Mega, Onecloud, Box, etc. starts a background synchronization process of your project while you are currently working with the project in MAXQDA it may effect the database consistency. It may also happen that you are reopening a recently closed MAXQDA project while your cloud service is still synchronizing the file, which also may lead to a damaged database.

If you still decide or have to open your MAXQDA project from an external resource, we cannot guarantee that the project file will not be damaged through disrupted connection.

The above also applies to TeamCloud projects. Therefore, make sure that your TeamCloud workspace is located in a local directory on your computer when you work with TeamCloud projects.

Storing projects in external resources

You can still use any of the above mentioned external storage resources to save backups to or to share projects with other users.
Just copy the project file to a local and non-synchronized location on your computer before opening it with MAXQDA. After editing, close the project file, and only then copy it back to the synchronized area.

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