Can I open a MAXQDA 2018 project with an older MAXQDA?

Yes, you open a MAXQDA 2018 project in MAXQDA 12. To do so, you first need to save your MAXQDA 2018 in the MAXQDA Exchange File format (.mex).

You can find a detailed description of this process in the MAXQDA online manual.

There are some parts of a MAXQDA 2018 project that MAXQDA 12 is not able to display:

  • Codes using the default MAXQDA 2018 code color (blue) will switch to the default MAXQDA 12 code color (grey)
  • MAXQDA 2018 allows longer comments. MAXQDA 12 only allows 127 characters in a comment. Additional characters will be deleted.
  • In MAXQDA 2018 you can import data from Twitter into “Twitter-Documents”. These documents will be displayed as regular table documents in MAXQDA 12, that can not be edited.
  • Maps that were created with MAXQDA 2018 can not be displayed in MAXQDA 12.

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