Import of Twitter data: Notes on importing tweets

Note: The “Twitter Import” function is no longer available. See the FAQ on “Twitter Import” for more information.

To import twitter data, go to “Import > Twitter Data”. You can search for tweets on Twitter according to specific hashtags, usernames or terms, and then import them into a MAXQDA project. The function’s special feature is that it can code your Twitter data automatically with up to 100 author names and up to 100 hashtags during import (and, if necessary, later). This automatic preparation can save a lot of time, which researchers can then use for their actual analysis.

Please note:

  • Imports are limited to 10,000 tweets.
  • The Twitter-API does not allow imports of tweets older than 1 week.
  • To use this function, you need your own Twitter account. MAXQDA uses the connection to Twitter only for importing tweets. When you close MAXQDA, the connection will be cancelled, meaning you must reconnect to Twitter each time you restart MAXQDA.

You can find detailed descriptons about importing Twitter data in MAXQDA in the “Twitter Data” chapter of the online manual.

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