I need to reinstall my operating system. How can I reactivate my license?

MAXQDA 2020 (Win/Mac) – MAXQDA 2018 (Win/Mac)- MAXQDA 12 (Win/Mac) – MAXQDA 11 (Win)

Download and install MAXQDA 2018 on your reinstalled operating system using the download link in the installation guide you received when you purchased the license. Activate MAXQDA with your serial number. MAXQDA will recognize that this is the same computer and reactivate your installation without using up an additional activation.

MAXQDA 11 (Mac)

Please contact our technical support to get assistance with the reinstallation of MAXQDA 11 for Mac and send along the Apple serial number of your Mac computer. You will usually find it by clicking on the Apple icon in the upper left corner and selecting “About this Mac”.
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MAXQDA 10 (Win)

Please deactivate MAXQDA before reinstalling your Windows system. Open MAXQDA (with administrator rights) and select „? > License > License transfer/return > Transfer license“. You can reactivate MAXQDA on the fresh operating system with your old product ID and serial number.

MAXQDA 2007 (Win)

Please contact our support team as long as you still have access to the MAXQDA installation on the old operating system. They will send you a step by step guide for the deactivation process on your old system.
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