Which license do I need?

Team lead: MAXQDA 24 (or MAXQDA 2022) subscription license + additional TeamCloud license.

Team member: MAXQDA 24 (or MAXQDA 2022) license. Not for Portable, Demo, Student, Teaching/Course licenses or the MAXQDA Reader.

The team lead of a project needs to activate their MAXQDA account with a TeamCloud license. Only team leads can upload projects to the MAXQDA TeamCloud and invite team members to collaborate with them. TeamCloud licenses can only be purchased by owners of a valid MAXQDA 24 (or MAXQDA 2022) subscription license.

Team members do not need a TeamCloud license, only a MAXQDA license. They can use a free MAXQDA account.

Please note: The used MAXQDA version and the version of the project file have to be the same.

You can read more about this here in our online manual.

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