Can I exchange projects between MAXQDA for Windows and MAXQDA for Mac?

MAXQDA 2022 / MAXQDA 2020 / MAXQDA 2018 / MAXQDA 12

Yes, you can open and work with the same MAXQDA project file on either Windows or Mac computers. Sharing your work with others and accessing your students’ or teammates’ project files is a vital part of your daily work. That’s why MAXQDA works with a universal project files – .mx22 (MAXQDA 2022), .mx20 (MAXQDA 2020), .mx18 (MAXQDA 2018), or .mx12 (MAXQDA 12) – which can be opened and edited with both Windows or Mac.


Yes, you can export MAXQDA projects from MAXQDA 11 (Mac or Windows) and import them into the other operating system by first exporting them as a “MAXQDA Exchange file”.

Open the project in MAXQDA 11, select “Project > Export MAXQDA exchange file” and save the MAXQDA exchange file to a convenient location (e.g. your desktop). Then, open MAXQDA 11 on another platform and choose “Open existing project > OK”. At the bottom of the Finder window or Windows dialog window, select the MAX-Exchange file type (*.mex), select the MAXQDA exchange file and click “Open”.

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