The license file is connected to a different computer and is not valid for this computer (error code 12a2)

MAXQDA cannot be started, because the hardware ID of your computer does not match with the one that was registered during the activation process.

Please use the following form to get in contact with our Online Support Team.

  1. Please inform our Support Team if you have changed parts of your computer hardware or if you have transferred the MAXQDA installation to another computer (e.g. using Time Machine)
  2. Attach the file “” (MAXQDA 12 users:””).
    You can find this file in your documents folder under “MAXQDA 2018 > _MAXQDA_System” (MAXQDA 12: “MAXQDA 12 > _MAXQDA_System”).

Contact MAXQDA support

VERBI offers free online-support only for the current and the previous version of the Software. VERBI will no longer support older versions.

Your serial number helps us answer support requests as quickly as possible. You can find it in MAXQDA at ? > License status or in your delivery e-mail.

The release number is listed at the top of the MAXQDA program window.

or drop files here

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