Stop-lists for MAXDictio

Exclude unimportant words from your results with a stop-list

MAXDictio is our add-on module that can be used for analyzing vocabulary, creating dictionaries and performing quantitative content analysis. It is part of MAXQDA Plus and all the MAXDictio features are accessible in MAXQDA’s menu bar.

With MAXDictio it is possible to create stop-lists to systematically exclude specific groups of words (e.g. pronouns) from your search results, which makes your results easier to handle and concise.

How to import a stop-list

As a free service we provide some pre-configured stop-lists. The lists can be downloaded and used as MAXDictio stop-lists. To do so, simply select “Stop-List” from the MAXDictio menu and click “Open”. Then select the appropriate list (e.g. “Pronouns”). If you wish to add another stop-list, click on “Add” and select the respective stop-list (e.g. “Prepositions”).

As soon as you are satisfied with your stop-list, you are able to create a word frequency list of your texts without the list being crowded with unwanted words. This will allow for a more precise search.

Download stop-lists (English)Download stop-lists (German)