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27.01.2017, 10:04


Why, in God's name, is there not a general undo bottom?! I just lost approximately 10 hours of work because I confused 'delete codes' from 'delete coded segments'. Stupid yes, but in a program, that can process such huge data material and so much work, why is there not a function that counters this kind of mistakes?!


Version: MAXQDA 12
System: Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
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Re: Deleted codes

01.02.2017, 14:50

Dear Jeppe,

We are sorry to hear that you have lost parts of your work in MAXQDA due to deleting a code instead of a coding. Of course it is also an aim of our software to avoid such data losses.

Therefore we have implemented an additional security level for deleting codes, coding and memos. Once you try to delete a code, coding, memo, etc. within MAXQDA a window will pop up and you will be ask if you really want to delete this specific element.

We also recommend to backup project files constantly. You can get more information about backups here: ... ojects.htm

There is an undo function for codings in MAXQDA. If you have coded a wrong segment or used the wrong code just click on the undo icon that can be found in the coding toolbar.

Of course we will take your suggestion within the process of developing MAXQDA and will discuss whether the undo function can also be implemented for codes.

All the best for your work and best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Malte Hilker
Manager Product Development & Evaluation, MAXQDA team
Malte Hilker
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