Demo version and MaxDictio

01.08.2012, 09:22

Dear users and support team,

i am using the demo version from maxqda to write a content analysis. I need to use the fool options of Max Dictio for it. But when every time a try to do something in the tab Max Dictio, a message appear " This function is part of MaxDictio, a plug-in of MAXQDA which is not included in the standard version". And when I try to do determine "word frequencies" , the frequencies are calculated but symbols appear instead of letters.

I really need this function. What am I supposed to do? Download an other trial version ?

Thanks ahead for your answer :)

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Re: Demo version and MaxDictio

01.08.2012, 13:12


the pop-up just informs you that MAXDictio is only part of MAXQDAplus, just as a reminder so that you don't end up thinking that MAXDictio is included in every version. So no need to worry about that.

For the second problem, i would try to reset the user settings ("Project" > "Option" > "Reset user settings") once. If that does not help, this might be a case for the online support. Please send them a screenshot too, and give a bit more information about the text you are analyzing and the language your computer/MAXQDA uses. I have never heard of this issue before.

Best regards,
Julia Gerson
Julia Gerson
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Re: Demo version and MaxDictio

07.08.2012, 08:14


I found the answer to my problem. I am using a virtual machine to use Maxqda on a Mac. I have no clue if it was related to my problem but I changed the format of the documents I was using from pdf to rtf and in miracoulously Maxdictio was working normally.

Thanks again.
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Re: Demo version and MaxDictio

19.02.2013, 14:21

Hello man. I was also facing the problem of using virtual machine with Maxqda on a Mac. I am very pleased to find the solution of the problem. Thank you so much for posting your problem here as this also lead me to find the solution.
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