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  1. Collect photographs, text, audio, and video
  2. Code and organize your data
  3. Export your work to MAXQDA
  4. Continue your analysis in MAXQDA
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The perfect tool to collect and prestructure your field notes

Update iOS: We are currently updating MAXApp for iOS for iOS 9. Please export your projects from MAXApp before updating your device to iOS 9. The current version fails to start on some devices after the update.

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Write and Code

Write down your thoughts and field notes from interviews and observations. And start coding right on your smartphone or tablet.

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Take Pictures and Videos

You often come across situations that are worth remembering. Take a picture or record a video so you’ll never forget this moment.

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Record Audio

Your device has a microphone. Why not use it to record answers, surroundings or moments. Can be transcribed in MAXQDA if necessary.

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Code with emoticode®

Tag your data with emoticode® icons for non verbal categorization & prestructure or to save time during the coding process.

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Tag with Location

All of your notes and images are automatically tagged with the location at which they were created. Or pick a location from the map.

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Transfer to MAXQDA

Transfer your projects to MAXQDA via Dropbox or USB cable (Android). All of your data is imported seamlessly and you can continue your work on your PC or Mac.

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Add Memos

Memos are the perfect place to store any additional information about your note, pictures, recordings and videos you need to remember.

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For iOS and Android

MAXApp is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android Devices running 4.2 or higher. And best of all: It is free to download.

MAXApp for iOS and Android – Collect and code data on the go

MAXApp is the perfect MAXQDA companion for your iPad, your iPhone or your Android tablet and phone!

Perfect for field work, the app allows you to take notes, take or import photos and videos, and record audio. All of your data can be effortlessly imported via Dropbox or USB cable (Android) to your desktop MAXQDA.

With MAXApp you can create:

  • Text documents
  • Pictures
  • Video
  • Audio

Code fluently with Codes and Emoticodes as you go

Code your data with text codes or emoticode®s and pre-structure your material for a quicker analysis in MAXQDA. Adding codes is simple, just select some text or the whole piece of data and add a code.

Text documents display codes in the familiar coding stripes right next to the text, that you know and love from MAXQDA.

Attach additional notes to your data with memos

Have something important you need to remember about your note, pictures, videos or audio recordings? Write it down in a memo, that stays attached to your data, even after you transfer it to MAXQDA.

A memo is the perfect place for all the important information that could otherwise get lost. It could also hold the beginning of case summaries for each case, information about the situation in which the data was collected or anything else you need to remember.

Memos play an important role in MAXQDA and the built in memo manager offers advanced note taking and note searching features.

Use geo tags to add a geographical dimension to your analysis

Your smart phone often knows where you are. Take advantage of your device’s GPS functionality and automatically tag your data with the location you’re at, or pick a location straight from the map.

Connect the dots – MAXQDA can connect your data to Google Earth data, which makes it possible to combine qualitative and geographical data. Wether you wish to group your data by country, compare findings between different parts of town, or track movement behaviour in a specific area, MAXApp makes it so much easier to collect the information you need.

Export and Continue your Analysis in MAXQDA

Transfer your data to MAXQDA via Dropbox or USB cable (Android) and seamlessly continue your analysis in a state-of-the-art QDA software that allows for a professional content analysis.

In MAXQDA go to “Project > Import MAXApp Project” to import all of your work seamlessly into MAXQDA, where you can continue your analysis with a state-of-the-art QDA software.

Start your analysis off right with the perfect field work companion for MAXQDA.

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