Are you just starting to learn MAXQDA?

Get started quickly and easily with our QDA software and put your research project into practice. On this page you will find various ways to get to know MAXQDA and successfully start your first MAXQDA project.

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Getting Started Video Tutorial

Follow us step-by-step through the basics in only seven minutes – from importing and coding data to retrieving coded segments.

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Getting Started Manuals

The Getting Started Guides offer step-by-step instructions on setting up your software and creating your first project with your brand new QDA software.

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Are you already familiar with MAXQDA and do you need more information on certain features in detail? The complete MAXQDA User Manual describes all the different features MAXQDA provides.

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Getting Started Online Tutorial

Read through only four pages of text with visualizations of working steps to learn MAXQDA 12 in a heartbeat.

Online Tutorial

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Free Webinars

Take part in a MAXQDA webinar for a 30 minute introduction and get answers to your most urgent questions right away.