MAXQDA – Frequently Asked Questions

  • A. Are there any limitations to the demo version?

    No. There are no limitations to the demo version. It is a fully functional installation of MAXQDA Analytics Pro. You can create, edit, and save projects of any size. The demo version will last for 14 days and automatically expire.

  • A. Can I start my project with the demo and continue with the full version?

    Yes. Projects are saved on your hard drive. Once you purchase a MAXQDA license you can unlock your demo with a serial number and continue to work on your projects with MAXQDA Standard, Plus or Analytics Pro. You may also move your project to a different computer which has MAXQDA installed on it and continue working from there.

    MAXQDA Base can only open projects that were created with MAXQDA Base. It is therefore not possible to continue a project that was created with the demo version in MAXQDA Base. The demo version is MAXQDA Analytics Pro.

    The demo version contains all of the features of MAXQDA Analytics Pro. If you purchase a different MAXQDA product, some features will not be available. Please check the features comparison for more information.

  • A. I did not receive my demo download link by e-mail

    You should receive an e-mail with the download link no later than an hour after the request. Be sure to check your e-mail spam folder. If you still cannot find the e-mail, please request it again, while making sure your e-mail is typed correctly. If you still do not receive an e-mail please contact us at

  • A. Do I need to activate the demo version?

    No. Simply choose Use demo in the MAXQDA welcome window to work with the demo version. The demo version is valid for 14 days. You can unlock the demo version anytime.

  • B. What is the difference between MAXQDA Base, MAXQDA Standard, MAXQDA Plus and MAXQDA Analytics Pro?

    Learn more about the difference between the four MAXQDA products in the detailed feature comparison.

  • B. Can I switch from one MAXQDA product to another later on?

    Switching from one MAXQDA 12 product to another is only possible when switching from MAXQDA Plus or MAXQDA Standard to MAXQDA Analytics Pro. However, it is not possible to extend a MAXQDA student license.

    • MAXQDA 12 Standard can be extended to MAXQDA 12 Analytics Pro
    • MAXQDA 12 Plus can be extended to MAXQDA 12 Analytics Pro

    Visit our Analytics Pro extension webpage for more information.

    Switch from older versions to MAXQDA 12

    If you have a MAXQDA 10 or MAXQDA 11 license, you can upgrade your license to MAXQDA 12.
    Visit our upgrade webpage for more information.

  • B. What’s the difference between single-user, portable, and network licenses?

    There are no differences in functionality or pricing between these three license types. The only difference is where they are installed:

    • Single-user licenses are installed on personal computers or laptops.
    • Portable licenses are installed on USB flash drives.
    • Network licenses are installed in a server-client environment and managed by a server admin using the MAXQDA license service & manager.

    Learn more about MAXQDA license options.

  • B. How do I know which price category to choose?

    You can choose from three price categories in the MAXQDA online shop: educational, reduced, and commercial. Educational prices are available for universities, technical schools, and other educational institutions as well as their employees. Reduced prices are available for NGOs and governmental Institutions. The commercial pricing applies to everyone who does not belong to an educational or governmental institution or an NGO.

  • B. Are there any special offers for universities and schools?

    Yes, there are. We support educational institutions like universities and technical colleges with several offers that promote excellence in qualitative methods training. Our offers include our reduced educational price category, our free Course License for research methods classes, and our Special Network License for teaching in the classroom or computer lab.

    Learn more about MAXQDA offers for educational institutions..

  • B. What’s the difference between leasing and buying MAXQDA?

    Leasing is an annual license subscription and a possible option for anybody who purchases ten or more licenses. Each leasing cycle lasts one year from date of purchase. The subscription automatically extends each year unless it is cancelled 2 months prior. Leasing licenses include free upgrades to new MAXQDA versions, so you are always working with the latest version.

    Purchased licenses do not expire. Registered holders of a purchased license can upgrade to a new version of MAXQDA with a discount.

  • B. Do I need an Installation CD?
    Standard delivery of MAXQDA licenses is by download. During checkout you have the option to additionally purchase an Installation CD, in case you are unable to download files.
  • B. On how many computers can I install MAXQDA?

    That depends on the MAXQDA 12 license that you purchased.

    • Single-user licenses may be installed on two machines. Both installations may not be used simultaneously or by different persons.
    • Student licenses may be installed on two machines. Both installations may not be used simultaneously or by different persons.
    • Semester licenses may be installed on one machine.
    • Portable licenses can be installed on one USB flash drive.
    • Network licenses can be installed on up to twice as many computers as licenses purchased, but can only be used simultaneously by one machine per license (installation is only possible in a client-server environment).

    Learn more about MAXQDA license options

  • B. Is MAXQDA able to work with any language?

    Analyze text in different languages with MAXQDA

    The fact that MAXQDA supports Unicode makes it possible not only to import and analyze documents in any script, (from Japanese to Cyrillic to Arabic), but also to create codes and variables in these languages. This Unicode functionality is available in every MAXQDA function

    Unicode is an international standard with the goal of standardizing all known languages and characters. This makes it possible to work with various languages in the same document. One sentence can be in English, the next in Mandarin, and the next in Arabic. This is possible because Unicode (unlike more common computer character systems like ASCII or ISO Latin) can deal with more than 128 or 256 different characters. In MAXQDA, even codes and variable names can be created with “foreign” characters, and searches and in-vivo coding are possible with any language.

    Use MAXQDA interface in different languages

    It is our goal to offer you excellent multilingual QDA software in your language, so you can concentrate on your research, not on translation. So far the MAXQDA user interface has been translated into more than 10 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Thai, Polish and Czech).

    Analyze text in any languag
  • B. I have an old version of MAXQDA. Can I upgrade to the newest version of MAXQDA?

    MAXQDA license holders can upgrade to the newest version with a special price, if they own a license for one of the two previous MAXQDA versions (currently MAXQDA 10 and MAXQDA 11).

    By purchasing an upgrade you are replacing the old license with a license of the newest version of MAXQDA. After a grace period, the old license is deactivated and no longer usable.

    Learn more about upgrading to the newest version

  • B. What is the duration of a student license?

    Student licenses are available as 6 month, 12 month or 24 month licenses.

    Learn more about MAXQDA student licenses

  • B. Is there a difference between student licenses and regular licenses?
    • Student licenses are fully functional licenses.
    • Student licenses are available for students and PhD candidates who verify their student status.
    • Student licenses are not available for purchase by institutions or non-students.
    • Student licenses are available as 6 month, 12 month or 24 month licenses.
    • Student licenses are available as MAXQDA Standard and MAXQDA Analytics Pro.
    • It is not possible to upgrade student licenses.

    Learn more about MAXQDA student licenses

  • B. How do I verify my student status?

    Please visit our student verification webpage to learn more about the verification process and which documents to submit.

  • B. Can PhD candidates purchase student liceneses?

    Yes. PhD candidates are eligible for a MAXQDA student license.

  • C. How to open a MAXQDA 11 project with MAXQDA 12

    1. When selecting a project to open, choose Open Existing Project, then Other Projects and click OK.

    2. In the next dialog window, select the project you have stored with MAXQDA 11 from the drop-down list.
    Depending on which version of MAXQDA 11 you were working with, the file will be saved in one of the following three formats:

    .mex: MAXQDA Exchange File Format

    Can be created with all MAXQDA 11 or MAXQDA 12 versions.
    Can be opened with MAXQDA 12 Windows and Mac.

    .mx5: MAXQDA 11 Windows Project

    Can be created with MAXQDA 11 Windows.
    Can be opened with MAXQDA 12 Windows and MAXQDA 11 Windows.

    .mx11: MAXQDA 11 Mac project

    Can be created with MAXQDA 11 Mac.
    Can be opened with MAXQDA 12 Mac and MAXQDA 11 Mac.

    3. MAXQDA creates and opens a copy of the project

    When you open one of these three file formats, MAXQDA 12 saves a copy of the project in the new .mx12 format to the same folder where the original file is located. Depending on the size of the project this conversion process can take a few moments. MAXQDA provides a graphic display of its progress.

    The MAXQDA 12 File Formats at a Glance

    MAXQDA 12

    MAXQDA 12

    Opens project files .mx12

    (MAXQDA 11 Windows)
    and older Windows versions


    (MAXQDA 11 Mac)

    Opens exchange files .mex
    Saves projects to .mx12 or .mex
  • C. How to open a MAXQDA 12 project with MAXQDA 11

    To open a MAXQDA 12 project file with MAXQDA 11 is fairly simple.

    Start by opening your MAXQDA 12 project with MAXQDA 12.

    Choose Project > Export MAXQDA exchange file in the menu to export your data via a MAXQDA exchange file (.mex).
    Save the .mex file at a place of your choice (e.g. your desktop).


    Open MAXQDA 11 for Windows (11.1.1 or higher) or MAXQDA 11 for Mac OS X (11.2.3 or higher).
    Choose the option Other Projects from the welcome dialogue.


    Select the file format MAXQDA exchange file (.mex), go to the saved file and click Open.


    You should now have successfully opened a MAXQDA 12 project with MAXQDA 11.

  • C. Can I exchange projects between MAXQDA for Windows and MAXQDA for Mac?

    MAXQDA 12

    Yes, you can open and work with the same MAXQDA project file on either Windows or Mac computers. Sharing your work with others and accessing your students or teammates project files is a vital part of your daily work. That's why MAXQDA 12 works with a universal project file - .mx12 - that can be opened and edited just the same with Windows or Mac.

    Create a project on a Windows computer, edit it on a Mac, and hand it over to colleagues or other students who may want to use it in an equally flexible way.

    MAXQDA 11

    Yes. You can export MAXQDA projects from MAXQDA 11 (Mac or Windows) and import them into the other operating system.

    What if I only have MAXQDA 10? If you want to convert projects from MAXQDA 10, you need to open your MAXQDA 10 projects with the demo version of MAXQDA 11 and export them from there. Or you can send your MAXQDA 10 projects to our online support team, who will be happy to convert them for you.

    1. Install the latest update of MAXQDA 11

    Open "? > Search for updates" in MAXQDA and download and install the latest update. The export of projects in the exchange format is only available starting with these releases:

    • MAXQDA 11 for Windows: Release 11.0.5
    • MAXQDA 11 for Mac: Release 11.1.1

    2. Export Project to the Exchange Format

    Open the MAXQDA project, select "Project > Export MAXQDA exchange file" and save the MAXQDA exchange file to a convenient location (e.g. your desktop).

    Opening a MAXQDA project on a Windows Computer

    Saving a MAXQDA project as MAXQDA exchange file

    3. Import the MAXQDA exchange into the other version of MAXQDA

    Open MAXQDA. Choose "Open existing project > OK".

    Starting MAXQDA on a Mac

    4. Select MAXQDA-Exchange (.mex) as file type

    At the bottom of the Finder window or Windows dialog, select the MAX-Exchange file type (*.mex), select the MAXQDA exchange file and click "Open".

    Opening the MAX-Exchange file

    5. Successful Import

    The next appearing dialogue window tells you that the import of the exchange file was successful. A MAXQDA project with the extension ".mx11" (Windows) or ".mx5" (Mac) is automatically created in the same folder, in which the MAX-Exchange file is located. You can now continue your work.

    Creating a MAXQDA project for Mac

  • C. Can MAXQDA import tables?

    Yes. MAXQDA has two ways to import tables.

    Analyze table documents as regular documents

    Standard tables in the Excel format are imported through “Documents > Import document(s)”. The table is then displayed in the Document browser window and the text inside of cells can be coded just like text documents.

    Import survey data from spreadsheets

    Survey data can be imported through “Documents > Import documents from Excel spreadsheet”. Qualitative and quantitative data can be imported alongside each other, automatically coding text and importing variables. Learn more about survey import.

  • C. Can MAXQDA calculate intercoder agreement?

    Yes. MAXQDA* calculates intercoder agreement (code existence, code frequency and segment agreement) including the coefficient kappa.
    You can find the option in MAXQDA at "Analysis > Intercoder agreement".

    * This feature is available in MAXQDA Standard, MAXQDA Plus and MAXQDA Analytics Pro. To view all features, go to the detailed feature comparison.

  • C. How can I save my project?

    MAXQDA is a database program, which means that almost all changes are automatically saved (e.g. import of data, creating codes, applying codes) in the project files. That's why MAXQDA does not have a “save” button. Once an action is performed, it's immediately saved. For this reason, MAXQDA double-checks before deleting important project elements, such as codes.

    Documents and memos that are currently being edited, for example when you are writing notes in a text document or transcribing audio/video files, are automatically saved every 5 minutes. This time interval can be adjusted in the project settings. Open Maps in MAXMAps are automatically saved every minute and also when they are closed. Logbook entries are saved when you close the logbook windows.

    Several actions, such as applying a code or editing a document, can be tracked backwards multiple steps with an undo button.

  • C. Why isn’t there a function for ____ in MAXQDA?

    We are happy to hear any feedback from our users! Please send us your ideas, requests, and recommendations for improving the program. If possible, we will add your ideas for new functions in an update. Just visit our forum and let us know what you'd like to see on MAXQDA.

  • C. Are there any differences between MAXQDA for Windows and MAXQDA for Mac OS X?

    MAXQDA 12

    MAXQDA 12 is the same software product for Windows and for Mac OS X. The only differences are owed to the operating system itself (e.g. feel and look of system buttons or drop down menus, audio and video capabilities).

    MAXQDA 11

    In MAXQDA 11 you will find slight differences between the Windows and the Mac OS X version of our software:

    for Windows

    for Mac
    file type mx5 mx11
    Support foot pedals for transcription Science
    Science II
    Import from NVivo or Atlas.ti
    Contact our
    online support
    Printing PDF and images with code stripes -
    Complex retrieval of coded segments for
    audio and video clips
    Intercoder agreement also for audio/video/images/tables
    Exclude word combinations in MAXDictio word frequencies -
    Intersection and nearness of codes for audio and video files -
    Import and Export OpenOffice files from ODT-Format -
  • C. Can MAXQDA be used in teams?

    Yes. We know that research is often done in teams and MAXQDA provides many functions for this purpose. Work together on the same project or simply exchange documents, including their codes. You can easily merge two projects into one.

    • Merge several projects into one project file
    • Transfer project elements from one project file to another
    • Intercoder agreement. Analyze and discuss how different team members coded the same data. Calculate kappa coefficient
    • User roles. Assign user roles and permissions to team members

    Teamwork with Windows & Mac

    MAXQDA 12 is completely identical on Windows and MAC OS X. Both versions share the same project file format which enables teams to work fluently together even when they work with different operating systems.

    Detailed information about the MAXQDA teamwork features can be found in the free online tutorial or in chapter 16 of the free reference manual.

  • C. How do I cite MAXQDA?

    MAXQDA, software for qualitative data analysis, 1989-2017, VERBI Software - Consult - Sozialforschung GmbH, Berlin, Germany.

  • C. Can I store my MAXQDA projects in cloud based services, like Dropbox?

    Yes, it is possible to store MAXQDA projects in a cloud service like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or SugarSnyc, to synchronise project files across different computers or to make them available to third parties.


    We strongly recommend that you do not work with a project inside the synchronized storage area, meaning that you never open a project file from right within the cloud folder (e.g. your Dropbox folder). Instead, we recommend to copy the project to a location that is not synchronized e.g. to your desktop and copy it back to your cloud service when you are finished working on it.

    Especially when working on a Mac computer we cannot guarantee that project files are damaged by your cloud service starting a synchronisation process while the MAXQDA project is opened, thus possibly corrupting the project.

  • C. Can I import NVivo or Atlas.ti projects into MAXQDA?

    It is possible to import projects from NVivo 8 or NVivo 9 and to import projects from Atlas.ti 6 into MAXQDA 10 or MAXQDA 11 (Windows only).

    Import projects from NVivo 8 or 9 into MAXQDA 11 (Windows)


    1. MS Word and MS SQL Server 2008 must be installed (SQL Server 2008 is installed together with the NVivo 9 trial version and can be used without a time limit). For the import of NVivo 8 projects you only need SQL Server 2005, which is automatically installed with NVivo 8.

    2. You have admin rights on your Windows computer.

    3. The directory where the imported NVivo file will be saved, should have sufficient free space available. MAXQDA creates several temporary files during the import, which are deleted once the import is finished.

    Import NVivo into MAXQDA 11

    To import, start MAXQDA 11 and select "Open existing project". In the next file dialog, select "NVivo Project (*.nvp) from the file type menu and select the NVivov 8 or 9 project you wish to import.

    Import projects from Atlas.ti 6 into MAXQDA 11 (Windows)

    Export your Atlas.ti project into the XML-Format using "Extras > Export to > XML". When prompted, select the option to "Include Primary Documents and Quotations (meta info only). In the file dialoge "Send output to:" select "File" and click OK. Save the XML-File to the same folder where your HRP6 file is located.

    To import, start MAXQDA 11 and select "Open existing project". In the next file dialog, select "ATLAS.ti project (*.xml) from the file type menu and select the XML file you exported.

    MAXQDA imports text documents only. This process will ignore any possible PDF documents, images or audio and video files. Atlas.ti 7 projects may also be imported, if the documents were set up as linked documents.

  • C. Which media file formats can I analyze with MAXQDA?

    Media formats - MAXQDA on Mac OS X

    MAXQDA 12 (Mac OS X) and MAXQDA 11 (Mac OS X) can handle these media formats:

    • Video: .mp4, .mov, .3gp, .3ggp, .m4v or .avchd
    • Audio: .mp3, .wav, .aac or .m4a

    Media formats - MAXQDA on Windows

    MAXQDA 12 (Windows) and MAXQDA 11 (Windows) can handle these media formats:

    • Video: .mp4, .mov, .aac, .3gp, .3ggp, .mpg, .avi, .wmv, .m4v or .avchd
    • Audio: .mp3, .wav, .wma or .m4a
    Multimedia Browser

    Convert video file to another file format

    If you are experiencing troubles with a specific video file, it might help to transform the media file into a different file format. On a Mac you can open the file with Quicktime Player and export it in the MP4 format. On a Windows PC open (or download and install) the free Microsoft Movie Maker. Then open the video file with Movie Maker and save as MP4.

  • C. How do I use the F4 key for transcription with MAXQDA for Mac OS X?

    If you are using Mac OS X, the F4 key is usually used for system features, like opening up the launchpad application or changing the brightness of the screen. If you want to use F4 to play and pause audio in MAXQDA for Mac, you can find an option to do so in "System Preferences > Keyboard".

    Open "Keyboard" and activate the option to "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard functions keys".

    With this option activated you can play and pause audio and video in MAXQDA - as long as the media player is turned on - with the F4 and F5 keys.

    You just need to remember to deactivate this setting again, should you want to use these keyboard keys for those they are usually assigned to when you're not working with MAXQDA.

  • C. When I backup my project, the backup is smaller than the original project!

    MAXQDA files are database files. When you duplicate such a file, all unnecessary pieces of information are removed. The texts and codes that you have already deleted, for example, will only be completely erased when the project is duplicated. For this reason, it is indeed to be expected that backup copies of a project file be significantly smaller than the original.

  • D. What are the hardware and software requirements for MAXQDA?

    Before you install MAXQDA, we recommend that you verify that your hardware and software meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements for the product.

    You will find general information about the requirements for your computer, your USB flash drive (for portable licenses) and your license server (for server based licenses) here: system requirements.

    Here is some additional specific information:


    MAXQDA can be used on Windows tablets, but only if the operating system of the tablet is a regular version of Windows (Windows 8 or higher). MAXQDA can NOT be used on tablets running mobile operating systems, e.g. iOS, Windows RT, or Android.

    High-resolution / 4K / retina displays

    MAXQDA 12 supports the usage of high-resolution screens (retina) on both Windows and Mac OS X systems. Also MAXQDA 11 for Mac supports the usage on high-resolution (retina) screens.

    If you are still using MAXQDA 11 for Windows or an even older MAXQDA for Windows version, we recommend not to use a display with a higher resolution than 2560 x 1440. In case you only have a computer with a high resolution, MAXQDA can appear “squeezed” and the text too small. In this case you can optimize the display in one of the following ways:

    1. Connect a second screen with a lower resolution to your computer
    2. Reduce the screen resolution to half (e.g. from 3200 x 1600 to 1600 x 900). Afterwards, you can manually set the display scaling to 100% under Display > Let me choose one scaling for all my displays.
  • D. Why should I register my MAXQDA license(s)?

    Only registered license holders can upgrade to new versions of MAXQDA with a 50% discount.

    Register your license(s) now.

  • D. How can I transfer my license to a new computer?

    In order to transfer your MAXQDA license to a new computer, please deactivate the license on your current computer first.

    The deactivation process disconnects your MAXQDA license from your computer, so that you can install and unlock MAXQDA on a new machine with your serial number. (Use the download link in the installation guide that you received when you purchased the license).

    Deactivate MAXQDA 12 (Windows / Mac OS X)

    Open MAXQDA and click “Help > Deactivate license on this computer”.

    Deactivate MAXQDA 11 (Mac OS X)

    Open MAXQDA and click “Help > Deactivate license on this computer”.

    Deactivate MAXQDA 11 (Windows)

    Open MAXQDA and click “Help > Deactivate license on this computer”.

    • Due to technical reasons a deactivated license of MAXQDA 11 for Windows license can NOT be reactivated on the same computer.
    • If the “License Transfer” button is greyed out, please make sure to start MAXQDA with admin rights. You can do this by right-clicking on the MAXQDA icon (on your desktop or in the start menu) and choosing “Run as Administrator”.

    Deactivate MAXQDA 10 (Windows)

    Open MAXQDA and click “? > License > License transfer/return > Transfer license”.

    • Due to technical reasons a deactivated license of MAXQDA 11 for Windows license can NOT be reactivated on the same computer.
    • If the “License Transfer” button is greyed out, please make sure to start MAXQDA with admin rights. You can do this by right-clicking on the MAXQDA icon (on your desktop or in the start menu) and choosing “Run as Administrator”.

    Deactivate MAXQDA 2007 (Windows)

    Please contact our Support team as long as you still have access to the MAXQDA installation on the old computer. They will send you a step by step guide for the deactivation process on your old computer:

  • D. I need to reinstall my operating system. How can I reactivate my license?

    MAXQDA 12 (Windows / Mac OS X)

    Download and install MAXQDA 12 on your reinstalled operating system using the download link in the installation guide you received when you purchased the license. Activate MAXQDA with your serial number. MAXQDA will recognize that this is the same computer and reactivate your installation without using up an additional activation.

    MAXQDA 11 (Mac OS X)

    Please contact our technical support to get assistance with the reinstallation of MAXQDA 11 for Mac and send along the Apple serial number of your Mac computer. You will usually find it by clicking on the Apple icon in the upper left corner and selecting “About this Mac”. The technical support can be contacted through this form:

    MAXQDA 11 (Windows)

    Download and install MAXQDA 11 on your reinstalled operating system using the download link in the installation guide you received when you purchased the license. Activate MAXQDA with your serial number. MAXQDA will recognize that this is the same computer and reactivate your installation without using up an additional activation.

    MAXQDA 10 (Windows)

    Please deactivate MAXQDA before reinstalling your Windows system. Open MAXQDA (with administrator rights) and select „? > License > License transfer/return > Transfer license“. You can reactivate MAXQDA on the fresh operating system with your old product ID and serial number.

    MAXQDA 2007 (Windows)

    Please contact our Support team as long as you still have access to the MAXQDA installation on the old operating system. They will send you a step by step guide for the deactivation process on your old system. The technical support can be contacted through this form:

  • D. How do I uninstall MAXQDA?

    Follow the instruction below to uninstall MAXQDA from your computer. If you want to deactivate your license or transfer your license to a different computer, please make sure to do so before you uninstall MAXQDA.

    Windows 7

    Open START > All programs > MAXQDA 12 > Uninstall.

    Windows 8

    Press the Windows button and start typing "Control Panel" to search and open your computers control panel. Under "Programs" you will find the option to "Uninstall a program". Select MAXQDA from your list of programs and click "Uninstall" at the top of the list.

    Windows 10

    Open START > Settings > System > Apps & features. Select MAXQDA and click "Uninstall" at the top of the list.

    Mac OS X

    Open your applications folder and drag the MAXQDA icon into your trash can.

  • D. How do I update MAXQDA?

    Usually MAXQDA automatically searches for updates and informs you as soon as an update is available. To search for updates manually follow the instructions on our update page:

  • D. When I open a project file, MAXQDA blinks and then closes right away.

    It is likely that your project is write-protected. Right-click on the file and choose „Properties“. If the box for read-only is checked, you need to uncheck it and click OK. If this doesn’t solve the problem, please contact the MAXQDA online support.

  • D. I can't update MAXQDA - The update option is disabled.

    MAXQDA for Windows

    In order to perform an update, MAXQDA for Windows requires admin rights. On Windows XP, you just need to be logged in as administrator. On Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 you need to explicitly run MAXQDA as administrator: To accomplish this, just right-click the MAXQDA icon on your desktop (or within the Windows start menu) and choose “Run as administrator”.

  • D. Error message: “This license is NOT a portable license and can not be used on a USB stick.”

    If this message appears during the activation of a student/single user license, please make sure the MAXQDA application is installed in the program folder and not on an external hard drive or an USB memory drive.

    Additional info for Mac users: If the error still occurs, please make sure you are starting MAXQDA from inside your application folder rather than from the MAXQDA Disk-Image-File on the desktop. If this is the case, please close MAXQDA and eject the MAXQDA-Installer “MAXQDA” (the white hard drive symbol with the MAXQDA icon on your desktop) by dragging it to the trash/eject icon. Now open your applications folder in your Finder and click on the MAXQDA icon to start the program and activate your license.

  • D. Error message: "MAXQDA is damaged. Move it to trash."

    If this message appears during the installation process of MAXQDA on a Mac, please allow Gatekeeper to accept applications downloaded from “Anywhere”.

    Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy

    Under the heading Allow apps downloaded from: select "Anywhere". (If you are logged in as a regular user (not an admin) you need to click the lock icon in the lower left corner and enter the administrator password to make this selection available.)

    Start the installation process again. After the successful installation of MAXQDA you can set your security options back to their original setting.


    Important note when using OS Sierra: The new operating system of Apple doesn't offer the option "Anywhere" anymore. When installing a portable MAXQDA license on a flash drive please follow these steps:

    1. Open the downloaded dmg file. The following window appears:

    2. Drag the app with the MAXQDA icon onto your Desktop.

    3. Eject the dmg file.

    4. Start MAXQDA from the Desktop and confirm that you want to open the downloaded file. Also confirm the Terms & Conditions and a MAXQDA error message. The program will automatically close afterwards.

    5. After you have done that you may now drag the app with the MAXQDA icon onto your flash drive and use MAXQDA from it.

  • D. My codes are gone. I cannot see the coding stripes anymore.
    You have probably deselected specific coding stripes. Right-click into the grey area where the coding stripes normally appear, you will call up a window, where you can select which codings are to be displayed there. Make sure that all of the boxes are checked if, for example, you want them all to be shown.
  • D. When I try to open my project the message “Incompatible data format” appears.
    If you receive this message the project file you are trying to open was created with a newer release of MAXQDA and contains data that your installation cannot read. Please update MAXQDA before opening the file.
  • D. Error message "This is not a valid serial number for MAXQDA"

    Please check if the installed version of MAXQDA matches with the version of your license. For example, you need to enter a MAXQDA 12 licenses to unlock an MAXQDA 12 installation. If the license is for MAXQDA 11, the license cannot be used to unlock an installation of MAXQDA 12.

    Please also check your serial number for typing errors. If you still receive this message, please get in contact with our support team. The technical support can be contacted through this form:

  • D. Error message "A problem with the hardware ID of the USB flash drive occured"

    This error message may occur when using a portable MAXQDA 12 license on a USB flash drive. There are several reasons for it:

    1. The portable MAXQDA 12 license was activated on Mac OS X El Capitan and updated to version 12.0.1a or higher.

    2. Solution: Please contact our Support Team and, if possible, let them know your serial number.

    3. The USB flash drive does not have any hardware ID or MAXQDA cannot read the hardware ID.

    4. Solution 1: Please start the disk utility and format (“delete”) your USB flash drive with the exFAT format.
      Attention: Formatting your USB flash drive will automatically delete everything on it. Please save your data on another storage medium before formatting the stick. Afterwards please activate your license with the same serial number (again). If the activation isn't successful please contact our Support Team.
      Solution 2: If the problem still exists please try to use another USB flash drive. We recommend USB 3.0 Hardware.