D. What are the hardware and software requirements for MAXQDA?

Before you install MAXQDA, we recommend that you verify that your hardware and software meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements for the product.

You will find general information about the requirements for your computer, your USB flash drive (for portable licenses) and your license server (for server based licenses) here: system requirements.

Here is some additional specific information:


MAXQDA can be used on Windows tablets, but only if the operating system of the tablet is a regular version of Windows (Windows 8 or higher). MAXQDA can NOT be used on tablets running mobile operating systems, e.g. iOS, Windows RT, or Android.

High-resolution / 4K / retina displays

MAXQDA 12 supports the usage of high-resolution screens (retina) on both Windows and Mac OS X systems. Also MAXQDA 11 for Mac supports the usage on high-resolution (retina) screens.

If you are still using MAXQDA 11 for Windows or an even older MAXQDA for Windows version, we recommend not to use a display with a higher resolution than 2560 x 1440. In case you only have a computer with a high resolution, MAXQDA can appear “squeezed” and the text too small. In this case you can optimize the display in one of the following ways:

  1. Connect a second screen with a lower resolution to your computer
  2. Reduce the screen resolution to half (e.g. from 3200 x 1600 to 1600 x 900). Afterwards, you can manually set the display scaling to 100% under Display > Let me choose one scaling for all my displays.

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