C. Can MAXQDA be used in teams?

Yes. We know that research is often done in teams and MAXQDA provides many functions for this purpose. Work together on the same project or simply exchange documents, including their codes. You can easily merge two projects into one.

  • Merge several projects into one project file
  • Transfer project elements from one project file to another
  • Intercoder agreement. Analyze and discuss how different team members coded the same data. Calculate kappa coefficient
  • User roles. Assign user roles and permissions to team members

Teamwork with Windows & Mac

MAXQDA 12 is completely identical on Windows and MAC OS X. Both versions share the same project file format which enables teams to work fluently together even when they work with different operating systems.

Detailed information about the MAXQDA teamwork features can be found in the free online tutorial or in chapter 16 of the free reference manual.

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