C. Are there any differences between MAXQDA for Windows and MAXQDA for Mac OS X?


MAXQDA 12 is the same software product for Windows and for Mac OS X. The only differences are owed to the operating system itself (e.g. feel and look of system buttons or drop down menus, audio and video capabilities).


In MAXQDA 11 you will find slight differences between the Windows and the Mac OS X version of our software:

for Windows

for Mac
file type mx5 mx11
Support foot pedals for transcription Science
Science II
Import from NVivo or Atlas.ti
Contact our
online support
Printing PDF and images with code stripes
Complex retrieval of coded segments for
audio and video clips
Intercoder agreement also for audio/video/images/tables
Exclude word combinations in MAXDictio word frequencies
Intersection and nearness of codes for audio and video files
Import and Export OpenOffice files from ODT-Format

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